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Section J Reports

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What is a Section J report?

The name of this report refers to Section J (or Part J) of Volume One of the National Construction Code (NCC). This section of the NCC outlines the minimum energy efficiency requirements that must be met for certain development applications or construction certificates (see below) to be approved. A Section J Report assesses a design against the ‘Deemed To Satisfy’ provisions of Section J, and outlines the solutions and conditions that are necessary for the development to meet the minimum requirements set by the NCC. ​

Energy efficiency requirements outlined in Section J include the following:

  • Part J1: The building’s fabric performance

  • Part J3: Sealing of the building

  • Part J5: Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

  • Part J6: Performance of artificial lighting

  • Part J7: Heated water supply systems for swimming pools and spas

  • Part J8: Facilities used to monitor energy use

Do I need a Section J Report?

A Section J report is required to be submitted with a development application for any new building, building extension or refurbishment within the following building classes:

  • Class 2: An apartment building

  • Class 3: A residential building that is not a Class 1 (house) or Class 2 (apartment) building, such as a boarding house, hostel or guest house

  • Class 4: A dwelling situated within a non-residential Class 5-9 building, such as a caretaker’s dwelling within a storage facility

  • Class 5: Office buildings used for commercial or professional purposes

  • Class 6: A place for the sale of retail goods or services, for example a café or hair salon

  • Class 7: Carparks, warehouses or storage facilities

  • Class 8: A factory

  • Class 9: Buildings of a public nature, such as hospitals, schools or night clubs. Class 9 also includes ages care facilities

RC Energy provides Section J Reports for developments nationwide.

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