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NatHERS Certificates 

What is NatHERS?

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) was established in 2015 as an initiative to help make Australian homes more comfortable, use less energy and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the cooling and heating of the property. The scheme requires all new dwellings to be assessed using accredited software and a star rating (out of 10) to be awarded. Currently there is a national requirement for the design of a house to reach a minimum of 6 stars. 

What is a NatHERS certificate?

Generally called either a NatHERS Certificate or a home energy efficiency report, a certificate will provide the star rating of the house following the assessment, along with details on aspects such as the degree of insulation, construction materials, performance of the glazing(windows) and much more. Along with the NatHERS Certificate, the assessor will also stamp the plans to be submitted to the development authority. 

The certificate is produced by supplying the architectural drawings to an assessor. The assessor will then model the dwelling with specialist software, such as FirstRate5. The floor plan is traced and details regarding the construction of the floor, walls and ceiling, the windows, doors and more will be loaded into the software. Using the Chennath Engine, the amount of energy per cubic metre will be determined to heat and cool the property throughout the year. 

Who can provide a NatHERS certificate?

To complete a NatHERS Certificate, the assessor must be accredited with an Assessor Accrediting Organisation (AAO). There are currently three AAO's in Australia. All assessors at RC Energy are fully accredited and insured with HERA - the House Energy Raters Association –

How much does a NatHERS certificate or energy efficiency report cost?

While every project is different, RC Energy offer the following cost guide for NatHERS Certificates:

  • Single storey dwelling - $280.00

  • Double storey dwelling - $380.00

  • Duplex (single storey, both certificates) - $410.00

  • Townhouses and unit blocks - price on request


Please note, these prices are subject to confirmation upon receiving the architectural plans and do not include GST.

Image by Jarek Ceborski
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