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Sunny Days are for Saving: How to Make the Most of Rooftop Solar

Did you know that if you had of installed a solar array in January you could have saved over $1357 by now? Your energy retailer, your house, your dwelling orientation and the weather conditions in your area all determine the benefits you could reap from a residential solar installation.

With life spans exceeding 17 Years, a solar system from RC Energy could see you saving money for more than a decade, and even making you money every quarter if you’re clever with your energy usage. To make the most of harnessing the suns energy we need to look at the way we use energy.

Here are a few tips to make the most of it:

- Run the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer during the day

- Limit the use of your air conditioner in the evenings

- Install block out blinds and double-glazed windows in your home

With the addition of battery storage, owners and occupiers can harness the power of the sun during the day for use during the night. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aim to change our usage patterns, even without solar, moving usage to during the day in the Off Peak or Shoulder periods will reduce your overall usage.

Although it’s impossible to get exact numbers, we know a few things for certain:

- The cost of solar installations has more than halved in the last decade

- The number of solar installations has risen year on year for the past decade

- Rooftop solar makes up 7% of all energy generation in the National Energy Market

As the saying goes, we should all “Make hay while the sun shines”. To make the most of your energy consumption, get in touch with the team here at RC Energy for an obligation free assessment and quote today.


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